Thomas Alan Honermann

5243 Harvest Glen Dr.

Glen Allen, VA 23059

Phone: (510) 823-1199




Professional Goal: C++ Language and Toolchain Expert

Professional, passionate, dedicated individual committed to technical excellence and advancement in software development. Enjoys a diverse environment, challenging projects that expand exposure to new technologies, and working with other skilled workers who also enjoy a good challenge. Committed to open standards, open processes, and open discussions. C++ standards committee member.

Well rounded leadership experience with all aspects of software development including development processes, architectural design, programming languages, operating systems, processor architectures, debugging, testing, SCM systems, build systems, defect tracking systems, and documentation. Professional experience as project lead, architectural lead and consultant for teams in the United States and India.

Knowledge Base

Programming languages and tools:

C, C++, Java, JNI, Python, POSIX shell, Make, HTML, XML, SQL

Operating systems and architectures:

Linux on x86 and IBM z Systems, AIX on PowerPC, HP-UX on PA-RISC, HP-UX on Itanium, Solaris on Sparc, Tru64 on Alpha, Windows on x86, z/OS


LLVM/Clang for various platforms, GNU gcc for various platforms, IBM Visual Age for AIX, Sun Forte for Solaris, HP aCC for HP-UX PA-RISC and Itanium, IBM C++ compiler for z/OS, HP C++ for Tru64, VisualStudio, Oracle JDK


gdb, dbx, TotalView, VisualStudio, Heap debuggers (PageHeap, DUMA, dmalloc), Valgrind

SCM systems:

git, Subversion, ClearCase, CVS, RCS, SourceSafe

Professional Experience

Synopsys / Coverity

Compiler Engineer - 6/2011Present

Frontend compiler engineer contributing to development and maintenance of Coverity's language frontends and internal program representation.

Key achievements:

Oracle / PeopleSoft

Senior Principal Software Engineer - 9/2007 – 6/2011

Architect responsible for platform support, product stability, development environments, build systems, programming language conformance, and third party integrations.

Key achievements:

Principal Software Developer - 3/2004 - 9/2007

Consultant for developers regarding platform features, compilers, SCM and development tools, build systems, language specifications, language conformance, and debugging. Team member developing a stateful application server used to host the results of queries, optimization solutions, and multidimensional analysis.

Key achievements:

PeopleTools UNIX Porting Engineer II - 5/2000 – 3/2004

Development, debugging, and support of the PeopleSoft application server on UNIX environments. Assistance and training with regard to compiling and debugging code on UNIX and Linux.

Key achievements:

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics

Systems analyst - Network infrastructure team and Server team - 1/1996 - 4/2000

This was a multi-homed position, 70% network infrastructure team, 20% LAN server team, and 10% UNIX server team. Duties included network infrastructure design and implementation in a cooperative design role, maintenance of network equipment and Novell NDS design and implementation, backup of LAN server environments, custom software development, and on-call rotation participation.

Key achievements:


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science - 5/1998